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JET-TENG Kits are made to order, all kits are hand made in the factory and are unique. Prices include direct Express shipping anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, saving you extra shipping costs. Any fan, motor & electronics package will be shipped directly from us in Australia. Production times vary depending on the finish you choose, 4+ weeks is average due to the high level of fabrication involved.

Jet-Teng makes amazing models, the detail and quality of the glasswork is first rate. The Viper features many quality fittings usually found in larger turbine airframes, control surface detail and finish is superb, live kevlar hinges are a feature.

The JTM ViperJet is a high performance Ducted Fan Jet in full composite construction, made for 90mm Fan units such as the NEW Extreme CNC Alloy 90mm fan with Wemo or JETFAN90 9 blade rotor, WeMoTec MidiFan PRO or HET 9305-700.

The airframe features a fully composite fuselage and wing with retract hard points pre-installed in the nose and retract hatches pre-cut in the wing. The model comes completely pre-painted with all decals applied and protected by a clear coat.

Further is the cockpit pre-glued and all hatches are assembled with pin locks in place. The Model features ailerons, elevator, rudder and flaps.

This model is truly an ARF with all the hard work done for you. Retracts and suitable scale oleo struts are available as option and can be found on the same webpage as the kits.


Fully painted and finished glass fiber fuselage with fully assembled vertical fin and pre-installed ducting, clear canopy with pre-installed pin lock, one-piece painted glass fiber wing with aileron, flap and retract hatches, exhaust duct sheeting included, all small parts, hardware pack, gear door covers.
Molded gear doors are included.

The Viper is the perfect platform for one of our high powered 8-12 cell fan systems, with a projected all up weight around 4+kg our high powered 8 cell Wemotec or JetFan90 setup will have you around 1:1 thrust to weight with a high terminal velocity!

Video below from JPAUS in Australia flying a Hawk with our Wemotec 8 cell 3000w setup, clocked over 270kmh!


  • Scale: 9/1
  • Length:1280mm
  • Wing Span:1410mm
  • Material: Fibreglass composite
  • Fan: 90mm
  • Power: 8-12 cell power system
  • Projected flying weight 4-5kg

  • Shipping Weight: 7kgs
  • 1 Units in Stock

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