Wow the year has gone!! Apologies for not updating this page in 2015, things get so easily forgotten when you are doing so many things at once J


So lets recap on where we are at in the world of RCÖ.



FrSKY: New order of Taranis PLUS are due in later this month, also some of the new sensors and programming kit, aerials etc.


BATTERIES: What a nightmare batteries have been this year!! Since December I have had issues getting batteries shipped into Australia, and finally last month my Battery Engineer of 10 years admitted he was not able to supply me anymoreÖFinally got my $$$ back after 4 months of wasted time, and luckily I managed to get a contact in the actual factory that supplies the cells, turns out the factory is the one producing the Dinogy label and a few other OEM labels and running their own assembly rooms not just supplying raw cells. So I am in the middle of ordering direct and should have the first order in production by the 23rd of October, hoping to see the first shipment early November.


WEMOTEC: Looks like wemotec are back in supply, just the last few weeks I have seen MINIFAN EVO and PRO arrive back in stock, MICROFANS are back in stock again, and waiting on MIDIFAN EVO & PRO units to turn up.


AUGUST 2015:

EXTREME Mirage: finally I got some of my Mirage back from Topgun, almost all sold out as of October, still missing 3 kits and doubtful I will ever see them. End of an Era and an amazing model!


JUNE 2015:

JETFAN: The 120mm ECO fan unit has been in stock for a while now, it is an excellent affordable 120mm fan, and recommended when our Extreme 127mm fan cannot fit into the model. We have plenty of Extreme GRP Jetfan 90ís in stock, as well as Carbon shroud Jetfan90 units and Jetfan80 units which are top shelf fans that will take all the 700 series HET motors as well as the 650 series.





December:Wow the year has gone, so many things been happening, lots of testing has been done in the 90mm camp, Extreme 127mm fans have been powering some large models this year including a scale V2 rocket that I cannot wait to see,and have also gone into a few industrial applications too!


The new EXTREME 90mm combo range with HET GRP housing & Jetfan rotor is proving to be the best buy going, affordable and super efficient, about the best sounding and performing 90mm on the planet.



October:I have been doing a lot of testing of the new EXTREME Custom Jetfan90 combos, I have a newly molded HET9305 housing that has been done in a very dense glass reinforced plastic, this housing matches the rotor really well, the stator design and small 36mm motor housing blends with the rotor hub shape to result in superb efficiency, try 4.5kg thrust on 8 cells at 100 amps! The new fan combos are on the website, there will be two 6s versions and two 8s versions. I can also do 10s and 12s no problem just shoot an email through with what you are after!



August:TAFT Viperjets are now on the website ready to order! We ship direct from the warehouse to reduce shipping costs, all fans, motors etc ship out from the Extreme headquarters as usual. There are videos up on the video page now of the Viper on 6s and 8s and with the new EXTREME custom Jetfan90 combos the end result is superb performance and sound!


JUNE 2014

June:TAFT Viperjets will soon be available to EXTREME RC customers,we will be offering the Viperjet with the full factory retracts with gear doors and sequencer, super simple to set up on your radio. 6 channels with flaps, and all metal digital servos installed throughout. Just add your fan/motor, ESC combo and batteries and you are good to go! We donít recommend the stock fan setup as its pretty anemic in the air, no one wants a big jet like this to fly like a piper cub!




January:Happy new year to everyone! I am looking at some new models coming out early this year, hope to have the big TAFT 90mm Viperjet available by June, and keeping my eye on a few other jets to see how they pan out, if they fly well I want one! J



November:FrSKY Taranis now coming into stock, we have done c-tick and sent samples to the MAAA to get the approval, things are all good to go!




August:FrSKY Taranis is close, the factory has been working on the gimbal centering issue and I am waiting on full production stock for all your backorders. I hope to see the first cartons arriving in the 2nd week of September. More news as I get it.





July:The new FrSKY TARANIS Transmitter is getting close!! We have finally received all the documentation needed to have the TARANIS c-ticked here in Australia, this means it is also compliant for New Zealand. I am told the Taranis production stock is coming in late August and as soon as I have an order sorted and know it is on the way I will update the forums and website with stock numbers. Please do not try to order it now as I am not taking pre-orders until I know the stock is 100% on the way.


The new X8R S-BUS receiver with smart port is also due out at the same time, as well as the new module, I am hoping to have all the new products in the same order.






March:looks like all the new Jet Teng Vipers are now available, we have the big 1.8m wingspan viper that will take our 127mm Extreme Alloy Ramtec fan unit, and also the XxX Jet is available for those who want a cut down wing sport jet to suit the 127mm fan. There have been flight reports from customers with our 127mm fan in these models, if you go to the Extreme Alloy fan pages and look up the 127mm fan you can find videos of the XxX jet running on 12s, performance is excellent for the size and weight of the model.




January:A new year starts!! There will be some nice new large jets available this year, including a large Mirage from TOPGUN, it will take our 127mm Alloy Ramtec fan and should be ballistic on 14s! J I think the 12s will be more than enough but hey, the fan is capable, and 14s vertical would be rather interesting!


UPDATE: Here is some video of the new 2.1m long Mirage running the ROBBE 7kg thrust turbine, this combo will be available, pricing to be announced.



JET TENG Vipers should be available next month in the 127mm sizing, I am talking with JTM about making the inlet duct available to suit the 127mm fans as well as the 110-120mm currently catered for. Itís a beautiful model, and a serious turbine alternative, certainly worth the money when you look at the technology and quality put into the kit.


BATTERIES: I have some new 10,000mah packs available this year, yup 10 amps! 6 cell packs, 30c continuous rating, these are 10Ah 6s2p packs designed for large 120mm size jets, perfect for those glow conversions where you want to run high power and get decent flight time without having to hook up 4 batteries.



December:Well the new Limited Edition of the HTG Mirage is shipping out and all the initial orders have been delivered, orders with retracts are waiting on the retracts as the factory ran out of them, they should ship end of Dec.

JET TENG has new models available now, the VIPERJET can now be ordered in 120mm fan size! Yup a large composite jet that will suit our Extreme 127mm Alloy Ramtec fan unit, this fan unit will produce 8kg of thrust on 12 cells and 10kg+ on 14 cells, and weighs only 1080 grams complete with 50mm inrunner and full alloy motor cover, brackets fitted, ready to install.

The VIPERJET is 1840mm wingspan!! Yup itís a bigun, 1700mm long, super stable and pinpoint accurate, fast too, expect some serious speed from this model especially with 14s jammed into it! J




October:Well the new Limited Edition of the HTG Mirage is coming soon!! Kits are in production right now, and I hope to have them ready to ship early November. Decals will be made up as the picture shows below, with serial number of A3-113, the decals are costing a few $$ to make but fingers crossed they come out looking good! I am taking prepaid orders now, we have about 3 dozen being kitted up in the first batch, with more coming after that, if you want to ensure you get one of the first best to get your order in asap.


Topgun Epoxy Composite J10 Turbine Jet!!

Yes Topgun are working on large composite jets, the first one is the J10 fighter jet running a Robbe 16kg turbine. The kit will be packaged as a complete almost ARF style model and can be purchased with the turbine and fittings as a package. After the J10 we will see a new fully composite Mirage jet! 2.1 metres long and set up for our Extreme Alloy 127mm Ramtec fan unit!






September:Lots of new things are happening here, first up the new TORNADO EDF test stand is now in stock!! Thatís right a CNC alloy thrust stand that will take fans right up to our Extreme 127mm Alloy fan unit! Very nicely made and at an affordable price point, it uses a very high precision bearing slider for the main support, a built in load sensor and remote readout that is backlit and shows both pounds and kilos up to 40kg!


Battery prices have dropped!! Some as much as 20%, we have had updated cell pricing from the factory and you guys are getting the savings. For example a RACE 2600 4s1p 45c pack was $75.00, now $60.00!! Cell construction and quality is unchanged.




August:The new 50mm inrunner motor series is finally finished and in stock! 800 series motors are now available including the 75mm long 590Kv made especially for 127mm fans! Our testing of this motor in the Extreme 127mm Alloy Ramtec fan unit has yielded superb results on both 12s and 14s setups. On 12s we see 7.7-8kg thrust and on 14s we are seeing 9.5kg thrust at 145 amps! Huge power! Read more about this amazing new setup HERE




MAY 2012

May:I have secured supply of the Austrian made JETFAN rotors, we have had their fan units in stock for some time, now we have both the 80mm and 90mm rotors available for Extreme Alloy fan combos, this 9 blade rotor is extremely well made, very tough blades capable of taking over 4Kw in power, the efficiency is very good, close to the Wemotec, and the sound is much more wooooooosh like!!


APRIL 2012

April:There have been reports of failure on the CS12 rotors so I am not going to offer them in fan units at this time, if the QC is improved and the failures cease then I will look at building them into combos again.



MARCH 2012

March:I am planning on producing a Limited Edition run of TOPGUN Mirage III kits in Australian colors! Below is the color scheme I am looking to produce, and I am starting up a thread on our forum about this new idea. Please visit the forum and let me know your thoughts on this and whether you would like to order one! I am excited!!





February:I have finished working on the new CS12 Blade rotor for our 90mm Alloy housing, and they are now in stock and available to order. We have a few setups available for this fan, from Mild 6s to Hot 10s and beyond, the sound is pure WOOOOOOSH!!! These are available on in assembled ready to run packages, built with HET 700 series motors and 8mm shafts.


I will also be doing an 80mm version once I have cut down some rotors and finalized the combos and motors needed.





January:China has taken a longer break this year, starting 16th January all the way through to early Feb, everything is closed, we cannot ship out any kits fom HET or TOPGUN until February.



Lots of new stuff arriving this month and next month. Just in the new Extreme CNC Alloy 80 and 90mm housings! New designs, 5 stators, all straight lips, new lip on 90mm takes wemotec and HET plastic intake rings!


The new housings are designed to work with a variety of rotors, optimized for Wemotec Midi rotor, stumax rotors and CS rotors. We will have the new fan combos available very soon, from the 20th onwards! Preorders are welcome now, email me with your requirements!!






December: The new Extreme 70mm CNC Alloy 10 Blade fan is now in stock! Unfortunately it has been so popular we have sold out of Alloy housings! A new batch of housings is in production and hoping to have them in by the end of the year. I think the video of my old F16 with one of the 4 cell 10 blade setups was the reason for the rush on this new Wooooooosh fan! For those who have not seen it, take a look on the 10 Blade fan page!


And thatís not all! The new 90mm 12 Blade rotor is here too, testing will begin after our break, and our new custom CNC Alloy housings to suit this new rotor will hopefully be in stock before the end of the year, the new housing has an all new stator design and will take the HET 700 series 39mm motors.


And finally the Extreme F16 kits are back in stock! Yes we have finally got more F16's in, just in time for the next batch of 10 blade WOOOOOOSH fans! Now is the time to build that fast F16 you always wanted, and with the bonus of a fan that sounds incredibly turbine like!



November: More new products on the way and just arrived! The new 10 blade 70mm CS rotor has just arrived, I have samples I am now testing, the plan is to offer an Extreme CNC 70mm 10 blade fan, turbine like sound and good performance to boot!


OCTOBER: Apologies for the lack of updates, been quite busy lately! We have the new JetFan-90 fan unit from E-Jets in Germany now in stock. Being a hand made item they are selling out before they arrive so the only way to secure one is to pre-order. We have most of the HET motors to suit the Jetfan, and the performance and sound for the price point is unbeatable! The housing is lovely, all carbon and very well made, the rotor sits well centered and the fan goes together quickly and easily, the rotor is a very simple setup and runs smooth with only minor adjustment on the shaft adapter. The 9 blade rotor has the wooooosh sound we all want! The JetFan-90 produces about 10% less static thrust than a wemotec running at the same wattage.




FEBRUARY: Apologies for not keeping this section up to date! So many things have been happening and I keep running out of time to talk about them!

STUMAX SM90 & SM100 Fan units: I have been testing a lot of fan setups the last few months and have some brilliant packages for the Stumax fans, you can find them in the fan section under Stumax, from 2300 watts to 5000+ watts, we have a power system to suit everyones needs!

EXTREME CNC 127mm DYNAMAX Fan: I have developed a new version of our big 5 inch Dynamax fan, running a custom Scorpion 4035 outrunner, this combo has reduced the weight of the fan unit to 890 grams ready to install! almost 15lb (6.75kg) of thrust on 12 cells at 100 amps, this is an amazing sounding fan, along with the Stumax fans the Dynamax 11 blader has that turbine sound and roar out the back!



NOVEMBER: Extreme Radio Control is now the exclusive Australian dealer for Hobby-TOPGUN models! We have set up a whole new concept of supplying large kits to Australian customers, we have lowered costs by removing the double shipping of the past along with local storage costs! We now ship direct Australia wide at one flat rate per kit type, prices are lower WITH shipping than they used to be without!! We have most of the famous 90mm jets listed up on the website and we also have the complete range of TOPGUN Gliders and the new Racing Gliders on the website.



OCTOBER: The new ERC 127mm/5 inch CNC Alloy fan unit is here! This is a custom in house design by Extreme RC, I designed this housing to be a drop in replacement to the popular Dynamax and Ramtec ICDF (glow ducted fan units) of the past. The housing is CNC machined from solid billet and comes in two pieces with a screw on intake section. We have ready to install combos available to order and will be testing other motor options for future variants. This is an extremely strong fan unit that will take up to 45mm motors standard, and can be ordered with motor tube machined out up to 52mm for those who want to fit the larger 40mm NEU motors or Scorpion 4035 series outrunners.


AUGUST 19: Mounting brackets are now available for the Extreme CNC Alloy fan units. I have been looking for a mounting method that would offer an affordable solution and this machined extrusion fits the bill perfectly. We have some size adjustability with the material so if you wanted a slightly longer or different bracket design just let me know!

Extreme CNC ALLOY DYNAMAX 120mm fans are now available for purchase! Testing has been done with the new HET 700-98 long can Typhoon motors, very good results with 25,500rpm at 85 amps on 12 cells. Motor mounts are available for the new 120+mm fans and for the next month I will be including a set of mounts free with every 120mm fan purchase.

JULY 1: Lots of new things happening this month! HETís new 700 series long can motors are now in stock and being tested in the new 120mm alloy fan with good results. 670 & 780Kv versions are available and weigh in at 560 grams. Assembled in the fan the total weight is only 930 grams!

JUNE 2010

JUNE 20: EXTREME Series 120mm ALLOY fans are almost done! We have all the parts for our new custom DYNAMAX rotor and I have machined up the first one to fit our slightly smaller housing, soon as the new HET 700 series motors arrive I will be getting one of these babies on the test stand!

JUNE 2: FrSKY Telemetry Modules are almost here! FrSKY has changed around the basic package for the new modules so the entire section of the website has been updated and put into separate categories for easier navigation. Hack Modules are now available with more coming in on the next shipment due to leave the factory end of next week. All standard modules and Rx's are in stock as are the new cases for those wishing to change their aerial position from back to top on JR and Futaba radios.

Unfortunately the AUD$ has had a bit of a hit this month and a lot of our pending motor orders have suffered as a result. The ARC motors have increased in price due to the drop from 90c+ to 80c, in fact one of our orders last week was paid for at 78c! We endeavour to hold prices inline with their USD equivalents as much as possible, stock that is already here has not been adjusted yet but batteries, motors and fans run out fast so get in while you can before prices rise on all these items!

Extreme RC ALLOY FAN UNITS Now back in stock!! We have the 70 and 90mm fan units back in stock, these are the best fan unit combo on the market. Click on this link to our forum for a photo rundown on why our fans provide higher quality and spec compared to the competition: ALLOY FAN COMPARISON

Extreme Power Batteries have had some spec updates, RACE series 40c packs now have even higher spec wiring, 10AWG on the 2600mah packs and a huge 8AWG! on the 4400mah packs! Our E-LITE & RACE Series are the very latest cells with power and performance to match the best on the market.

Extreme RC is about to launch its own range of Custom 90mm foam jets, we will be offering bare white airframes for a range of popular 90mm models along with regular prepainted versions. All kits will come with modified fan units featuring German made Precision Wemotec components, plus some extra parts, building tips and photos.

Schuebeler rotors are coming into stock, both 70mm and 90mm hand layed carbon fibre rotors with integral shaft adapter, factory balanced ready to install! For those who want the best in high dynamic thrust fans.

APRIL 2010

The new Starmax F16 is in the air! Easy build, only a couple of minor and easy mods, and she hand launches like a trainer (which we expected being an F16). Build thread and video is in our forum, you can go directly to it HERE

The new JET-TENG Fully composite Hawks are starting to arrive. We are keeping a selection of kits on hand with the factory and hopefully by the end of the month the factory will have caught up with production and our stock will be sitting ready to ship at a moments notice! I have a T45 version on the way and will be doing another build thread in the forum, this kit is going to blow you away! Soon as its here I will get some closeup photos of the finish, this is a show quality model!

MARCH 2010

The new Starmax F16 is in and what a great looking kit too! I have started building a Hand Launch version with a hot 6 cell setup, other local builders are doing 8 cell setups with retracts so I figured best to do a version that many people will want to have! Build thread is on the way in our forum, you can go directly to it HERE

More news, the new FrSKY 2.4G module system has been tested and accepted by the MAAA and is now ok for use in all Australian clubs! The MAAA will be updating the MOP58 listing this week to show FrSKY as an accepted product.

Happy Easter! Big news on HET Aircraft!! The company has been undergoing internal changes and it would appear the European arm is gone, pricing for kits has come down considerably, in fact the HET kits are such good value for money now, the masses of foamie jets on the market are looking pretty sad.

We will be clearing out much of our foam models as they just cannot compare to the flight characteristics and robusteness of a composite model. Extreme RC is going back to its grass roots of absolute best of EDF, we will be concentrating on all the new fans and power systems that are soon to hit the market, lots of new motors from HET plus we have taken on MEGA Motors EDF range, superbly hand made in Europe, for the ultimate in performance and efficiency, a select range will be up on the website in the coming weeks.


Welcome to 2010! The new FrSKY 2.4G radio module range is now c-ticked and available to order from the website. Dealers will be getting information about this great new product over the next month or two, if you would like to see your local dealer carrying any of our products please email us with their details or ask them to contact us, we can supply many of our imported brands.

There has been a lot of talk on the new FrSKY radio modules, forums are buzzing with excitement about them, you can read some of the feedback HERE and HERE


Lots of exciting things have been happening at Extreme RC AUSTRALIA! Lots of new stuff coming too!

First up the new website! Finally it is finished; we are hoping you find it an easy to use and informative site with plenty of great gear. We have just moved to a new premium local host so you will find the site is fast to load at any time of the day, plus with secure server driving our checkout you can now process your CC orders easily and safely, bear in mind we still process the actual CC offline to ensure utmost safety of your personal details.

We have some great new products on the way, new 2.4G radio modules will soon be certified and available to suit all older and current Futaba, JR, and Hitec radios with the module plugged into the back. I am currently flying all my craft with one of these new radios and so far so good! Full frequency hopping, a failsafe system and affordable receivers.

New chargers are coming in the new year, a good mid level 6 cell charger with a huge 200 watt output and a new DUO style charger which is essentially 2 chargers in the one beautifully finished case. More details on these once we have certification finished.

HI-END Technology has just released their new Minifan PRO 70mm size F86 SABRE! What a gorgeous model, new glass fuselage is now using epoxy resin and the fit and finish just gets better and better. We all love the Sabre and this one is sure to be a little rocket with an Extreme RC power system.