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Extreme Power cells are the PREMIUM LiPo cell out of China, these cells have the highest quality materials and are produced exclusively with Lithium Iron Cobalt, the Premium, and ONLY material for serious LiPo cells. Why doesn't everyone use it? Because it costs $50,000 a ton where-as Lithium Manganese costs $6000 a ton. AND to top it off all Extreme Power cells are Graphene based! using Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) in the substrate, improving power delivery and cycle life, no wonder customers get hundreds of cycles from our packs in their hi performance models!

nVision packs are made by GensAce, a premium cell product with the same quality as our Extreme Power range. The nVision 30-35c packs are the superlight range, about the lightest hi-end batteries around. For example the 3700 4s 30c pack weighs in at the same grams as most 3200-3300 packs, and is hardly any bigger! Extra capacity at the same weight is always a good thing!

C ratings? here's a little secret, many of them are made up! Many factories don't have the equipment to test large cells to 50c let alone 65c that some sellers claim! Our EXTREME POWER lipos produce some of the best test results on the market, very high power output and long cycle life (if you look after them!) Having been working in electronics as a designer and manufacturer for over 20 years I am interested in real figures, not hype, I always used to under rate my cells on the label but this new battery range direct from the factory is worthy of their labeling. I strive to always have the best chemistry and construction in my battery range rather than $$ tied up in marketing.

EXTREME RC is dedicated to offering the best cells available, tested, shelved, then power tested, matched and built into packs, this stringent process costs more, but results in better uniformity in the pack and longer lifespan. We have been dealing with the same factory's product for over 10 years and now we are dealing directly with the producers which is why we know our cells are at the top of the quality tree.