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About Us

EXTREME RC is a manufacturer, importer, & online retail store owned & operated by Australian flyers!
Extreme RC Both manufactures & imports a specialised range of products which combine performance, affordability, and reliability, we fly what we sell! Extreme RC has a large workshop with machine tools and comprehensive electronic test equipment on hand for setting up Electric models, specifically Ducted Fan Jets. Our database on fan testing and specifications is second to none, you will find links to our data from most major forums throughout the world, English speaking or otherwise!

Having a passionate involvement in aeromodelling for 40 years now, Industrial Design & Electronics for over 30, I feel I can offer expert help and guidance to all levels of RC enthusiast who wish to enter the exciting world of Electric flight & specifically Ducted Fan (EDF) Jets.

I know it's often hard to get the right advice; What battery to buy? How to choose an ESC or motor for your model? What is the best plug to use for my amp draw? How long can I extend my ESC wires? Do I need a UBEC or Rx battery? Which servos are required for my 250kmh jet?? :)

When it comes to electric flight we can offer you in depth technical advice along with tips and tricks on building, from a basic foamie to a composite scale model. My aim is to provide you with products that are at the top of their field, and guidance to go with them that will ensure you best success from your hobby. Coming back to us with a smile on your face is what its all about!

Of course being specialists in Electric Ducted Fans we can provide many extra services when you order a jet package, some of these include:

  • Fan assembly, balancing and bench testing.
  • Basic plug fitting to custom wiring looms for 14s 7Kw setups.
  • Machining work and custom parts fabricated in our fully equipped workshop.

The aim of EXTREME RADIO CONTROL is to provide top quality products and strong technical advice to go with them, we are here to help you share the thrill and excitement of this fantastic hobby, not just sell you a box!


  • EXTREME POWER Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • HI END TECHNOLOGY RC HET Ducted Fans & Typhoon Motors
  • WEMOTEC Ducted Fans & Accessories
  • JETFAN Ducted Fans & Accessories
  • TOP MODEL CZ Gliders and racers
  • AERONAUT/GRAUPNER/MP-JETFolding props, spinners
  • ERC-DESIGNS CNC Alloy Ducted Fan housings
  • BATAN & EMAX Servos