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EXTREME RC Is proud to present TopModel kits to Australia! We will be stocking the racers and some performance gliders as regular items, and can order in any TM kit you desire!

The Still Racer is a great little machine to enjoy fast flying. The airfoil used as well as the concepts applied give the model excellent flight characteristics and high performance. Thanks to an aerodynamically clean airframe the model has a surprising shallow glideslope.

Still racer has carbon-reinforced fiberglass fuselage, polystyrene/balsa wing with carbon spar, structural elevator with carbon spar and leading edge and therefore is agile and break-resistant enough to be capable of aerobatics. Manufactured in the Czech Republic. Spare parts are available to order.

A word from EXTREME: We set these models up fast! :)) Typical of the Extreme Camp we have been flying the pylon racers for a while and our recommended hot power combo will see you doing around 150mph plus with good batteries! We have mild to wild setups, bear in mind anything will break if you treat badly enough! pulling full elevator from a dive at over 150mph could result in a cracking sound :D so common sense is required but when you see our videos you will see that these things can be thrown around pretty hard!


  • light fiberglass fuselage reinforced with carbon.
  • one-piece polystyrene-balsa wing with ailerons, locally reinforced with fiberglass & carbon spar, all covered with Oracover.
  • light structural balsa elevator with carbon spar and leading edge, covered with Oracover.
  • vinyl cnc cut stickers in the carbon imitation design.
  • top quality accessories: servo covers, servo mount, rods, ending ties, control horns, tape for sticking flaps, fiberglass motor mount.
  • Span: 1000mm.
  • Length: 700mm.
  • Flying weight: 650-750 grams typical.
  • complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations.


  • 2 micro servos for ailerons: EMAX 09BBMG or SAVOX 0255MG.
  • 1 micro servo for elevator: EMAX 09BBMG or SAVOX 0255MG.
  • Motor: Sporty: HET 3W15 Hotter: HET 2W22/2W23.
  • HW Flyfun 40A, Platinum PRO 40A.
  • Spinner: MP Jet 30mm with 3.2mm collet.
  • Propeller: APC Speed 400 prop, varies depending on setup.
  • Battery: 3 cell 1800-2200 35c+ / 4 cell 1300-2200 35c plus.

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