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Sorry this motor is now out of production, not sure if we will get a replacement for it.

ERC2445-3700 Brushless inrunner to suit GWS EDF55 & 64mm fans with 3mm shaft. The ERC2445 is the best motor we have ever had for the EDF55 & EDF64 fans, huge output with less amp draw than any previous setup!

This is the new series II motor, we have been waiting months for this but its finally here, the new 3mm shaft replaces the old 2mm shaft which will help to avoid breakages, and also makes fitting shaft adapters much easier, truer running adapters mean smoother fans. Kv has been lowered slightly to 3700 and the performance from my latest testing is excellent. Requires heatsink for 4 cell operation. Be careful not to use long screws or handle the wiring too roughly as you will short the motor windings which is not covered under warranty! Note that low timing must be used with this motor when running 4 cells, and is preferable for both 3 and 4 cell setups. Running a higher timing will increase amp draw and motor temperature and could lead to early failure.

3 CELL TEST 10 SECONDS: 11.38v / 24.8A / 284W / 39,120rpm / 700+ grams thrust

3 CELL TEST 1 MINUTE: 10.93v / 23.1A / 252W / 37,800rpm / 660+ grams thrust / Temp 60 degrees C

4CELL TEST 10 SECONDS: 15.34v / 40A / 616W / 51,000rpm / 1200+ grams thrust

4 CELL TEST 3 MINUTES: 14.07v / 34.8A / 490W / 47,520rpm / 1050+ grams thrust


  • WEIGHT: 95 grams
  • DIMENSIONS: 24mm Dia, 45mm long
  • Kv: 3700rpm/volt
  • Res: 2.2A at 11.8v

Here is what you can get when a GWS EDF64 is mated with our ERC2445 inrunner, Extreme RC, real world figures, not hype!

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