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ELITE 3200mah 2s1p 35c

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ELITE 3200mah 2s1p 35c/60c Lithium Polymer

Weight: 199grams

Dimensions: T14 W50 L145

Our EXTREME POWER packs are made from the highest quality materials available, Lithium Cobalt Iron is used in all our cells, whilst it is the most expensive Cathode material available it is also the best, Lithium Manganese has around 30% less energy density but is little over 10% of the price of Cobalt Iron which is why it is found in so many cheaper cells. Our customers have pushed 150+ cycles from our ELITE 35c cells whilst running at 20c constant discharge for 80% of their flight.

We under rate our cells in every range, our ELITE 35c cells are acutally 40c rated by the factory, and our RACE 45c are 50c rated cells. Very stringent cell quality and Production QC protocols ensure these cells give high sustained power output and do so for many cycles, perfect for demanding EDF applications.

What is C rating? It is a factory term for the discharge rate a cell can supply. 10c means 10 times the capacity, so a 10c 2200mah battery would have a discharge rate of 22 amps maximum continuous.

When we say 'burst ratings' we mean the short term amp draw under high load, usually 3 seconds run time, so a 2200mah battery with a burst rating of 30c can theoretically handle a 66 amp load for a short period. Recovery should be 30+ seconds depending on the quality of the battery.

Please be aware, other sellers claims of 50c, 60c, even 65c discharge rates are extrapolated absolute maximums and are not actual measurements as no one has the equipment to test a cell at 50c+. I am involved directly with my battery engineer in China and we do a lot of stress testing and cycle life testing and the cells we use are the best performing on the market. Be aware that no factory can test a cell to 60c constant, not even 45c condstant, most can only test to 22-25c constant, they then extrapolate the data to determine how they label the cell, and regardless whether the sticker says 35c or 60c, no LiPO cell likes to be discharged continuous above 25c, they all suffer if you do this, so the best thing is to size your pack to your models amp draw so that you are running at around 20c constant at full throttle.

We run our ELITE 2600mah 35c packs at 55-60 amps in the Extreme FUNJET setup, the packs can take 20c plus discharge rates for an extended period of time and do not exhibit the cycle life loss and capacity loss of the cheaper Ebay/Hong Kong batteries.

With the fast advances in Lipo technology even the cheap packs put out more power than many of the premium brands did 4 yrs ago, but be aware these cheap batteries are cheap for a reason, they are grade 2 cells, lower quality materials and much less QC when being tested and assembled into packs. They do not last as long as the premium grade cells and will not tolerate abuse with continuous high C discharge rates, not as suitable for high powered sports models or EDF as a premium pack.

The cheap cells are great for small parkflyers, low current draw setups where the batteries are not being pushed, but the low cycle life still makes them no cheaper than a premium cell in the end. The one advantage is if you crash a lot! Cheap packs with 20 flights that get bent are going to be less painful than premium packs that get bent! Of course one would aim not to crash a model this regularly!

Balance leads: Our packs were always built with the apache style plug (Polyquest/Hyperion) to suit Hyperion chargers but we are changing over to JST-XH plugs on all packs as more and more chargers being used come standard with JST boards or ports these days.

35c RATED PACKS: We recommend keeping your maximum static amp draw to 30c for prop driven planes and 25c for EDF planes. (As many EDF planes will increase in load during flight) Burst amps of 45c maximum should be observed for increased lifespan (Dependant on ventilation and cooling of the pack during flight).

Our batteries will operate at their rated specs no problem, but who wants to fly for 2 minutes or so by drawing 30c current levels, and who wants to shorten their pack lives by hammering them the entire time!

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