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WEMOTEC are a German based engineering firm and their range of fan units are regarded as some of the best available in the world. We have plenty of power system options to suit all the Wemotec fans. Fan comes with 3.17mm shaft adapter, perfect match to our HET 240-15 hi Kv inrunner, 30 amps on 3 cells and just over a pound of thrust!

The Microfan is the most efficient 50mm fan on the market and is very tough, much harder to break than the lightweight chinese fans.

Package includes Wemotec Microfan PRO and an HET 240-15 inrunner motor, this motor is the most efficient 3 cell motor available, draws less amps for the same RPM as the equivalent outrunners available.

Assembled and balanced ready to install!


  • Wemotec 50mm Microfan PRO
  • HET 240-15 6000Kv TYPHOON inrunner motor

3s Performance: 11.33 Volts / 31.5 Amps / 356 Watts / 60,300rpm

Microfan rotors now come balanced from the factory but I have noticed the rotors run pretty rough and still need further balancing in order to run reasonably smooth. Fan assembly service is available for the Microfan, we rebalance the rotor and then set up and adjust the fan to get it running reliably.

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